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Our Mission Professionals.  Our team of dedicated volunteers are passionate about harnessing the power of community to make a difference in the lives of those in need.  We are so very blessed to have such a dedicated team of professionals play such a key role with Village To Village Care.

Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet ​

Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet is the mother of Kathy and Brianna, she has been married to Huveland Eldad Cadet for 18 years.  Born and raised in Douala, Cameroon, Dr. Moukala-Cadet moved to the USA in 1990, her childhood experiences influenced her career choices, specifically losing her father from a tragic car accident at a tender age of 12, growing up in Bojongo, an African village where she witnessed epidemic of cholera, premature death in adults and children, and personally being afflicted with malaria on numerous occasions.  She knew that she needed to be a part of the solution to improve healthcare in Africa so she decided to pursue a career in medicine with one major purpose to improve healthcare in Physician shortage areas in the USA and abroad.  She is currently serving in Endicott, NY with United Health Services.  In 2008, she joined Dr. Dwain Illman in a GHO (Global Health Outreach), the mission branch of CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association), her first mission trip in Sogakope, Ghana.  In 2010, she served in Cite Soleil, Haiti after the January 12th devastating Earthquake, with Samaritan’s Purse.  After the trip to Haiti, the idea of returning to her birth country gave birth to Village To Village Care.

Dr. Joseph Bessing, Psychologist, Pastor ​

Husband of almost 30 years married to a wife struggling with Multiple Sclerosis, for 12 of those years. Thank God, our children were born in the early years of our marriage; Frieda Priscilla a Bessing (26) Francois Ngon a Bessing (24). I was born in the Cameroon Africa, my wife Maria was born in Puerto-Rico which is part of the USA territory.


I have seen the power of God at work; The root goes back to the mind and the belief that hold which will break or make our id and super-ego. These life lessons along with my doctoral education have borne a perspective and understanding needed to teach and lead and form young minds through the basics and advanced sciences of psyche, the mind and the mastery thereof.

Ms. Berthe Titi Dayas-Barry RDMS, RVT

Titi Dayas was born in Douala Cameroon.  She moved to France in 1981 where she finished high school and began her studies in social and economic administration at the University of Lyon.  She moved to the United States in 1987.  After a couple of years of volunteer work at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC, she went back to school and became a medical sonographer. She is a mother of two children.  Her daughter is a Sickle Cell Anemia survivor via bone marrow transplant.  Sickle cell anemia is a devastating disease in Africa.  Titi's goal is to provide education about sickle cell anemia and newborn testing to reduce the death rate among African children by making newborn screening affordable to all.


Titi believes in working hard and asking God for guidance and blessings in everything she does in her life.  In her spare time Titi enjoys tasting foods of all origins, going to movies and mostly praising God for everything he has done for her and her children.  She is a member of Grace Fellowship Choir in Katy, Texas.

Dr. Dwain Illman, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.  ​

Dr. Illman is married to Marilyn Summers Illman and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  He practiced emergency medicine for nearly 30 years mostly in Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, IN.


Prior to that he was medical superintendent at Mashoko Christian Hospital in Zimbabwe for 3 years.  He has taken over 30 short term medical trips around the world to serve those in need.  Currently he is medical director of Volunteers in Medicine in Bloomington, IN.  This program serves the poor in Monroe and Owen Counties in Indiana. in Indianapolis is an organization that provided medical supplies for clinics and hospitals around the world.  He is an officer and board member for this organization.

Dr. Illman is a trustee on the board of Lincoln Christian University in Illinois.  He did his undergraduate work there.  His medical school was the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Post graduate training was at Baylor University Hospital, Dallas, Texas.

Dr. John Williams ​

I have long held the conviction that it is a moral responsibility to share, to the best of one’s ability, education, science and technology for the benefit of less fortunate fellow human beings and our environment.When I met and befriended Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala- Cadet and her family I discovered a common vision of responsibility. Her mission to partner with the people of Cameroon to bring much needed wellness and healthcare to rural areas of her native country have earned my respect and support.

Dr. Annie N. Kotto.  ​

Annie is a native of Cameroon.  She moved to the United States in 1990.
She is married to Anthony and they have three daughters.  Annie has lived in 3 different states in America as she sought opportunities to complete her education.  She attended Hofstra University in Long Island, New York where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She later moved to Pennsylvania and was a medical student at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia.


Her specialty training in Pediatrics was completed at the University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.  Currently, she is a pediatric hospitalist at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania.  Annie considers herself a lifetime student and the world her classroom. She seeks opportunities to use her medical knowledge and  skills to improve healthcare in poor communities around the world.  As a parent, she would like to raise children who are global citizens ready to respond to the challenges of the future.

Dr. Earle Reome

I have spent my career providing pharmacotherapy to patients ensuring positive outcomes throughout the continuum of care. Given my depth of knowledge pertaining to drug therapy, I have been able to help physicians, nurses, and patients tailor medication needs to meet their goals of therapy everyday. My interests include HIV medicine, anticoagulationtherapy, antibiotic therapy, and psychopharmacotherapy.


After earning my Bachelors degree with a concentration in pharmaceutical science June of 2001, I began my career in the retail pharmacy setting managing pharmacist for CVS throughout Connecticut. I moved to Binghamton, New York in October 2002 with CVS and began working in the clinical setting for United Health Services [UHS] at Binghamton General Hospital in February 2003. In addition to working in the inpatient arena, I began practicing in the homecare setting through Professional Home Care [UHS Homecare] late 2003. The additional training in home care practice helped accentuate my abilities in the inpatient setting by providinga foundation for continued patient care in the home setting. In early 2004, I began lecturing on drugs of addiction to students at Broome Community College [BCC] in the Chemical Addiction Counseling program.


Since, I have taken on the role of section coordinator. In 2004, I returned to academic life and completed graduate work at the University of Colorado- Denver earning a doctorate in pharmacy [PharmD] May 2011. I initiated an HIV medicine experiential rotation for graduate students through Wilke’s University in July 2008. Students spend 5 weeks with me learning about HIV treatment and opportunistic infection prophylaxis and eradication. I earned board certification [BCPS] December 2009 which showed a commitment to the field of pharmacy and the depth of knowledge I have acquired throughout my years of practice.

Mr. Jules Roger Mbogi, CFA.  ​

Jules heads a team of experienced, credentialed and multi-lingual financial advisors. He brings more than 15 years of experience in International Wealth Management. His areas of expertise include international portfolio management, investment, retirement, estate and insurance planning. Jules is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Prior to joining UNFCU – Raymond James Financial Services, he was a financial advisor at Citigroup’s international division. Jules earned Management and Business degrees from the Ecole Superieure de Gestion in Paris, France and the University of Frankfurt, Germany. He holds series 3, 4, 7, 24, 51,55, 63, 65, Life & Health, and Eurex Derivatives Trader’s license. Jules is a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts. He is fluent in French and German.

Eldad H. Cadet, LMSW

My lifetime goal is to provide psychosocial counseling to individuals that are not able to achieve their full God given potentials. 


Eldad H. Cadet, is a licensed master social worker currently employed by United Health Services at Wilson Hospital. Eldad a veteran of the United States Army, after his military career, Eldad greatest goal was to become a social worker so he could continue to serve. At United Health Services (UHS), Eldad is responsible for working in a team structured with the RN Care Manager to affect overall care coordination with emphasis on psychosocial assessments and interventions.


Eldad is accountable for intervening for patients and families, by applying critical thinking skills to monitor psychosocial status and issues that impact the clinical progression and transition, including the facilitation of patient and family communications, coping and decision making. Eldad also facilitate group counseling for patients recently diagnosed with cancer. Eldad life time goal is to provide psychosocial counseling to individuals that are not able to achieve their full God given potentials.

​Dr. Esther Dina-Bell Mbassi  ​

Dr. Esther Dina-Bell Mbassi is a native of Cameroon in Central Africa, she is a Medical Oncologist with a focus on palliative care. She is currently the Medical Director of the Hospital of Bonasama.  Douala is the economic capital of Cameroon, a town of about 4 million people, until about only 2 years ago, she was the only Medical Oncologist in town.  She is the representative of Village to Village Care in Cameroon and has been instrumental in the establishment of a clinic and a functional library in the village of Bojongo.  She has worked side by side with the current chief of this village and the regional government health office to implement a primary care center in this village to provide basic care and education the villagers need to better care for themselves.  She leads a team of medical students from one village to the next to conduct health campaigns.

She is well-published in the “ehospice”, the “breast”, “North American Journal of Medicine”, and “Carcinologie Clinique en Afrique” to name a few journals.  She is well-travelled thoughout Africa, and in Europe to strengthen her knowledge.

Harrieth has been a registered nurse for 17+ and has been working with Maternal-Child population. She has also been a clinical nurse educator for more than 6+ years in a high risk level III Obstetrical Unit at University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) in Ohio, USA.

Harrieth has both PhD and Masters of Science in Nursing Education. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Harrieth is also nationally certified as content expert in Inpatient Obstetrical Clinical Practices (NCC-OB) since 2011.

As a professor, Harrieth has taught at University of Cincinnati-College of Nursing, and currently as an adjunct clinical nursing instructor at the same school.

Harrieth would like to give back to the communities by working with her fellow healthcare practitioners to improve individuals’ health practices and behaviors. Harrieth’s motivations and desires are to ensure that medical and nursing practices do save the lives of our families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers when engaging and incorporating the current evidenced based information, training, and clinical practices.

Let’s work together to improve human lives. May the Almighty God, give all of us strength and courage to help our people.

Dr. Patricia Davis.  ​

Patricia Davis grew up in Jackson, Tennessee with her parents and two brothers. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee in Memphis, TN. Then she completed her Pharmacy Practice Residency in Charleston, WV. Patricia's first pharmacy job was in a small community hospital in Missouri. In 1997, she accepted a patient care pharmacist position at UHS-Binghamton General Hospital, where she is a member of the clinical staff. She collaborates with physicians and nurses to individualize medication therapies for patients. Trish enjoys traveling and experiencing the natural and cultural diversity in the world. She has had adventures in the Galápagos Islands, China, Antarctica and Machu Picchu, to name a few. Through connections with a local plastic surgeon, she went on her first medical mission abroad to the Philippines with PAGES in 2001. This group provides surgical intervention for children born with cleft lips and cleft palates. During this medical mission, Trish discovered that she could combine her love of travel, pharmaceutical knowledge, organizational skills and her compassionate heart to improve the lives of those less fortunate. She participated in three additional missions to the Philippines. Since then, she has continued to assist others, who were preparing for medical missions or relief projects. She is looking for other medical missions, will give her opportunities to use her pharmaceutical knowledge and skills to help others around the world. Trish shares her home in upstate New York with her lovable but mischievous adopted dog, Tucker.

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