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Our History. Dr. Dwain Illman, Emergency Department Physician from Indiana, has done over 30 short-term mission trips in remote area throughout the continent of Africa, including Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Niger, South Sudan, Kenya and Cameroon.In 2008, he led a team of physicians, nurses, and logistic personnel to Ghana through the Global Health Outreach, the mission branch of the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA). That year Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet, Family Practitioner in New York volunteered to be one of the Physicians of the group that went to Sogakope. That was Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet first trip to Africa after 18 years since she left her country of birth Cameroon. The trip was so inspiring that Dr. Cadet shared her experience and memories of the trip with her sister Dr. Annie Kotto, Pediatrician in Pennsylvania. In 2009, Dr. Kotto joined Dr. Illman to Sogakope, where she served as the Pediatrician of the group. Dr. Kotto likewise enjoyed the trip. The two sisters started thinking about a solution to improve health care in rural areas of the African Continent and other countries of the world.In 2010, after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, Dr. Moukala-Cadet felt the call to assist the people of Haiti. She then volunteered with Samaritan’s Purse, and was stationed in Titayen, Port-aux-Prince, Haiti. Her mission was to establish a well-functioning clinic to provide necessary, extremely needed help to the suffering men, women and children of Cite Soleil. Dr. Moukala-Cadet’s knowledge of French and English helped her served as a liaison between the people of Haiti, and the American medical team that arrived to help. It immediately instilled trust within the people of Haiti, who immediately welcomed the medical team and allowed the team to adequately deliver the needed medical care. After two weeks, the clinic was well functioning and was seeing over 200 patients daily.Immediately after returning from Haiti, Dr. Moukala-Cadet contacted Dr. Illman and informed him of her ideas on how the physician to patients’ gap that exist in undeveloped countries could be resolved. She stated, “Every village needs to have a well-equipped and well-functioning medical clinic, operated by the trained villagers that would guarantee that the clinics would be self-sufficient. The presence of a clinic in each village would reduce the walking distance usually traveled by the villagers just to get to a healthcare facility. In these new established village clinics, the villagers could be screened and treated of basic ailments, such has Hypertension, diabetes, malaria, Tuberculosis, etc... Preventing complications from this diseases, and therefore preventing early mortality in infants and adults”. In supporting this initiative, Dr. Illman decided to hire his very good friend Mr. James Gray, an architect from Indiana, who came up with some nice designs of clinics that were suitable for the climate in African regions. Dr. Illman advised Dr. Moukala-Cadet to start working on reaching out to the people of Cameroon, to find a partner hospital that would train the villagers to become health care providers.Dr. Moukala-Cadet was introduced to Dr. Jim Brown, a Surgeon from Connecticut who is dedicated to train African Doctors to become surgeons so they could stay and practice in Africa. Kristina Ohemeng, who is now 15 is Dr. Moukala-Cadet’s niece, last year a missionary Doctor came to her class to share about his mission work in Africa. . Kristina informed her mother Dr. Kotto of this news, and Dr. Moukala-Cadet was able to get Dr. Jim Brown email address. After an exchange of the initial email, Dr. Brown, upon arrival back to Cameroon, introduced Dr. Moukala-Cadet via email to Prof Tih Pius Muffih, the director of Cameroon Baptist Convention. Contact was also established between chiefs of two villages, namely Mankoulang and Bojongo. A trip was then arranged to meet the leaders of the villages and Cameroon Baptist Convention. After the trip to Cameroon, Village to Village Care, inc. was born.

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