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Our Board of Directors.  In order to realize this project, faith has brought a dedicated group together.  We are all very committed in improving healthcare in the world.  Please take a moment to browse through our board of directors section, to learn more about each of us.


Dr. Dwain Illman, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.  ​

Dr. Illman is married to Marilyn Summers Illman and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  He practiced emergency medicine for nearly 30 years mostly in Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, IN.


Prior to that he was medical superintendent at Mashoko Christian Hospital in Zimbabwe for 3 years.  He has taken over 30 short term medical trips around the world to serve those in need.  Currently he is medical director of Volunteers in Medicine in Bloomington, IN.  This program serves the poor in Monroe and Owen Counties in Indiana. in Indianapolis is an organization that provided medical supplies for clinics and hospitals around the world.  He is an officer and board member for this organization.

Dr. Illman is a trustee on the board of Lincoln Christian University in Illinois.  He did his undergraduate work there.  His medical school was the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Post graduate training was at Baylor University Hospital, Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet ​

Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala-Cadet is the mother of Kathy and Brianna, she has been married to Huveland Eldad Cadet for 25 years.  Born and raised in Douala, Cameroon, Dr. Moukala-Cadet moved to the USA in 1990, her childhood experiences influenced her career choices, specifically losing her father from a tragic car accident at a tender age of 12, growing up in Bojongo, an African village where she witnessed epidemic of cholera, premature death in adults and children, and personally being afflicted with malaria on numerous occasions. 


She knew that she needed to be a part of the solution to improve healthcare in Africa so she decided to pursue a career in medicine with one major purpose to improve healthcare in Physician shortage areas in the USA and abroad.  She is currently serving in Bainbridge, NY with the Albany VA Medical Center.  In 2008, she joined Dr. Dwain Illman in a GHO (Global Health Outreach), the mission branch of CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association), her first mission trip in Sogakope, Ghana.  In 2010, she served in Cite Soleil, Haiti after the January 12th devastating Earthquake, with Samaritan’s Purse.  After the trip to Haiti, the idea of returning to her birth country gave birth to Village To Village Care.  Up to date, she has organized and led mission trips to Cameroon, Puerto Rico, and Tanzania.

Dr. Annie N. Kotto.  ​

Annie is a native of Cameroon.  She moved to the United States in 1990.
She is married to Anthony and they have three daughters.  Annie has lived in 3 different states in America as she sought opportunities to complete her education.  She attended Hofstra University in Long Island, New York where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She later moved to Pennsylvania and was a medical student at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia.


Her specialty training in Pediatrics was completed at the University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.  Currently, she is a pediatric hospitalist at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania.  Annie considers herself a lifetime student and the world her classroom. She seeks opportunities to use her medical knowledge and  skills to improve healthcare in poor communities around the world.  As a parent, she would like to raise children who are global citizens ready to respond to the challenges of the future.

​Delores Washington, RN, EdD

Dr. Washington is a nurse educator who has taught nursing for over 30 years.  She was born in Charleston, SC.  She earned a BS degree in nursing fromHampton University in Hampton, VA.

After graduation, she moved to New York, NY where she worked as an RN in local hospitals and medical centers. Having found satisfaction in patient and staff teaching, she enrolled at Columbia University in New York, NY to pursue advanced degrees in nursing.  

She earned an MEd degree and an EdD degree in nursing education from the aforementioned institution.


Dr. Washington loves to travel and to engage in humanitarian activities.  She has traveled extensively to cities in Africa, Europe, South America, Canada, theCaribbean Islands, the Bahamas, and across the United States.  She often volunteers to assist in health fairs, health screenings and area clean-ups of her church, neighborhood and community groups.  Dr. Washington’s first mission experience came in the early 1990's when she joined a professional health team that delivered free healthcare across the island of Jamaica.  She found that experience quite rewarding and as a result of it, she looks forward to supporting other similar undertakings.

​Dr. Isaac Matta.  ​

Dr. Matta is married, he has three children, and one grandchild.  Dr. Matta loves the Lord, he was saved by his grace and tries to follow his ways. He feels that we Christians have the duty of helping other fellow human beings, especially those who do not have the means to help themselves and those unfortunate who do not have what we have been abundantly blessed with.


He graduated from Alexandria University, Egypt (1964), has enjoyed his profession for almost 50 years. He came to USA 1969, Trained at Geisinger Medical center in PA, fellowship in Beverly Hills, did work at Guthrie clinic, Sayre,PA for 14 years and has been in his current position with UHS for 24 years.

​Dr. John Williams ​

I have long held the conviction that it is a moral responsibility to share, to the best of one’s ability, education, science and technology for the benefit of less fortunate fellow human beings and our environment.When I met and befriended Dr. Anne-Marie Moukala- Cadet and her family I discovered a common vision of responsibility.


Her mission to partner with the people of Cameroon to bring much needed wellness and healthcare to rural areas of her native country have earned my respect and support.

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