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Our Mission. Our mission is to partner with the people of rural areas in African countries and other undeveloped areas of the world to help them achieve a high level of wellness by focusing on health education, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment.  We want to empower the leaders of African villages and villages in undeveloped areas of the world to build and operate primary health clinics.  We want to work with local partners to make this happen.  We want to encourage local people to serve in the clinic.  We want to make these villages places for international medical teams to come regularly to enhance the work.

Improving access to primary care in rural areas of African countries and other undeveloped areas of world, would prevent unnecessary death, improve child mortality, and overall quality of life in many people living in these areas.  Noninfectious diseases such as Hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease are causing premature death in rural areas of African countries due to lack of early detections and screenings.  Infectious diseases such as malaria, TB, and HIV and equally causing death due to lack of early screening.  Clinics in villages would prevent these premature deaths. 

We are partnering with local hospitals to help train villagers so they could go back to their villages as healthcare providers and would be able to screen for these illnesses, provide patient education and treatment.  Once a year, medical teams would come from the United States of America, to conduct a medical mission, by screening, diagnosing, treating illnesses and providing education to the villagers.  A small fee will be charged to the villagers to help raise funds for the future clinic sites and to improve services in the clinics.  No villagers will be denied care because of the inability to pay.

What We DoWe are a group of healthcare providers with a heart for medical mission.  We would like to narrow the physician to patients  wide gap that exist in most undeveloped countries and contributing to the early mortality experienced by the people residing in these countries.  Well managed and equipped clinics in rural areas of these undeveloped countries would provide access to basic healthcare.  Our role is to meet with the leaders of these communities and empower them to build a clinic, that would be managed and operated by members of these communities, given them ownership and securing self-sustainability of these clinics.  Our medical teams comprised of different specialties as requested by our teams in the field would travels in these health centers as needed to enhance the work. Funds collected through our various fundraising efforts help equip these centers and provide them with medical supplies needed to treat patients.


Our MotivationBy reading our personal summaries, you could see why each and every one of us is motivated in improving healthcare in undeveloped countries.  Some of our determinations arise from personal life experiences, some arise simply for the love of humanity and wanting be a part of a solution.  


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